If you didn’t vote to leave the EU

Even if Britain is to leave the European Union, people can still make their voices heard and stop us becoming an isolated nation under a government that does not represent us. Join the fight for this country to be progressive in policy, internationalist in outlook and fair to all. Here are some things you can do to help.

Current petitions and activities:

Sign a petition calling for stronger regulation of campaign messaging to ensure false ‘facts’ spread during the referendum process are not repeated in future votes. 

Create an independent regulator to ensure truth in political advertising

Sign a petition calling for political honesty.

Make it illegal for any UK political figure to knowingly lie or mislead

Sign a petition to make sure the Brexit campaigners who made the promise to invest in our NHS actually follow through with that pledge.

Keep the promise of £350 million for our NHS

Sign a petition if you believe that Jeremy Corbyn is the correct person to lead the Labour Party.

A vote of confidence in Jeremy Corbyn after Brexit

Ongoing activities:

Donate to or join a political party 

The Labour Party

The Green Party

The Liberal Democrats

(As a note, the Liberal Democrats define policy with help from their members. If you’d like to be actively involved with this after joining them, the link is here)

The Conservative Party (if you’d like to vote to decide the next leader of the Conservative Party)

Contact your local Member of Parliament and Member of European Parliament to put across your view during the transition period

Write to Them

Join a grassroots political movement

UK Uncut


Help toward the reform of a UK government that better represents your views

Open Government

Electoral Reform Society

Unlock Democracy

UK Youth Parliament (11-18 yo)

Sign petitions for positive change on a petitioning site

38 Degrees



Keep updated with alternative political news sources

Open Democracy

Full Fact

Private Eye

Politics UK

[More information will be added when it becomes available. There will be a lot of changes within the next few weeks and we aim to keep this site updated with new and useful links. Thanks for visiting!]